la queen of flaneurs

hi. my name is diana ruth fuerte marcos.
you can call me yana. iam 21 years old. Fresh grad. Self-employed! Haha. Studied BA Language and Literature
at the University of the Philippines - Baguio. Nominated for Outstanding thesis in 2013 but unfortunately, I wasn't outstanding enough, so yeah.
I love traveling, reading books that interest me, watching movies, keeping my wardrobe up-to-date and of course, writing, expressing my wildest repressed desires through blogging. Hihi. I'm a friendly person but I'm always misjudged as hmm. Nvm. I'm always misjudged and misrepresented anyway. Haha. I'm a founding member of UP Literati, an organization of young writers, linguists and journalists studying and have studied in UP. I love 50 Shades of Grey, OK. And IAN SOMERHALDER has hots for me. I DON'T NEED YOUR ARGUMENT! :)

Uhh, I can’t find my bed. -.- #badweather #cuddleweather #maypasok #wtf
Fourth night. ;( :/ #sadness #chocolatechip #cookies #cravings
I am a perv. #busted
When you forget you have a cut and you excitedly hop into the shower. #injured #painintheass -.-
They make me feel sexy, but darn girl they are killing me. 

#WalterSteiger #Italian #shoes from my favorite tita. ❤️
You’re welcome. #feelinggrumpy
"You hang up."
“No, you hang up.”
“You called, you hang up.”
“I called, so you should hang up.”
“Drop the call.”
“Goin somewhere? Hang up and abandon me.”
An hour later…
“Aren’t you going to hang up?”
“No, but you will.”
#stubborn #ldr #itgetsbetter ❤️
Good night my love! I miss youuuu! ❤️ 👭👯@krungyaizayodangsinigeuliwoyo
Eat healthy food and then Mcdonald’s. Okay? Okay. ❤️
Not as short as you want it to be but I hope you’re happy now. Hayyy. Stressful. #haircut #barbiedoll